A Dog Owner’s Guide to Types of Dog Toys

If you’re really confused about which toys to choose for you dog, this article is for you. There are types of toys that may want to consider for your dog, depending on the preferences.

Here are the 3 types of toys that may turn out to be perfect play for your dog:


Balls might come off as the best toys to make your dog stay active. They are available in different types like foam ball, elastic ball, rubber ball, tennis ball and more. Every ball has its unique way and size. Some balls bounce too much or some not. Other special balls glow in the dark places and float as well. This type of ball can be use in night time routine. So that your dog can play at night as well. Dogs have a habit of chewing so when you find a right size ball for your dog make sure it's quality is durable or your dog will chew it off into pieces. Through balls you can also play with your dog, it encourages you also to stay active because dog love to catch balls.

Tug Toys

Dogs like to play wars with their owners. It's nothing to worry about if your dog is trained but some people might suggest you not to play this game because of aggression issues. You should remember that tug toys are made of leather or linen etc, so their material is sensitive. Your dog can easily tear it into pieces. It's important to replace tug toy when this kind of damage happens. Don't remove/replace the toy by snatching from their mouth or else you'll rip off the toy. You need to make your dog practice in order to respond to your commands.

Treats and Chewables

Some toys are specially made to chew on, it's best for your dog to use them as this purpose rather than taking random things to chew. The items having material of hard rubber or nylon are long lasting. Items should be soft to chew and durable so that there will be less risk of break down into pieces. You have to change the size and material as your puppy grows into a dog. You have to make sure that you’re using clean toys to keep your dog healthy, safe and active. Try to get new toys if you feel like the old toys are getting too rough.
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