How to Choose the Best Toys For your Dog

We all know how much dogs love to play and like to be busy most of the time. They don't like being bored all the time. Buying toys for your dog is so important for its overall wellbeing. You wouldn't need to make too much effort in order to play with your dog all the time.

Toys can even provide comfort to your dog when its feeling nervous or when you leave them at home.

Do you know cats are more picky with toys? Dogs are more likely to play with any toy they can get their hands on, no matter what the shape is. Here are few of the things you'd have to make sure in order to choose the best toy for your dog:


To buy the perfect toy for your pet, you first have to make sure you're buying a toy that is too small - otherwise, it will get swallowed by your dog accidentally. You can also try to "dog proof" toys that are not suitable for your dog by removing that have beads, ribbons, or such things that your dog is more likely to swallow.


Dogs don't mature the way us humans do, obviously. So, buy toys keeping the age of your dog in mind. A 3-week-old puppy would have his baby teeth still, that's why toys with a softer plush, or a snugly fabric can be great for him. In between 3 to 9 months, the puppy will be surprisingly growing its teeth, so try to prevent toys with hard rubber material! Because during this time, your puppy will be more likely to chew on anything that's under reach. Be careful with the material of the toys you choose, it will keep him away from chewing your favorite pair of shoes.

When "growing the teeth" phase will go away, your puppy will grow into a dog that would have a stronger jaw which will be capable of toys with hard material. But by the age of 7 or up, your dog won't really have the exact same tooth and jaw strength like before, but it still matters to give out some softer toys to play with.


Do you know there's different kind of toys for dogs too? There are even different balls called squeaker balls, plush balls, foam balls, and others. You would have to look for them and decide which ones will be the best. Do keep your dog's age and preference in mind.